Next-Generation Sequencing

Integrated and flexible research solutions for NGS

Next-Generation Sequencing Set-up

Vela Diagnostics provides a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution* that is simple, fast, and affordable -- putting the power of NGS technology in the reach of labs of all sizes.   The solution is easy-to-use, from automated template preparation and library construction, to sequencing, data analysis and reporting.

The automated solution reduces sample-to-sample variability, minimizes risk of rerun due to user error/inconsistency and help produce more accurate results.  With parallel preparation and subsequent analysis of up to 16 sample barcodes, sequencing pipelines are optimized.

The Vela Diagnostics NGS platform uses semi-conductor based sequencing technologies to translate chemical signals into meaningful information.  Ideal for sequencing targeted regions, the integrated Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution from Vela Diagnostics detects single nucleotide variants as well as insertions and deletions. 

Several Vela Diagnostics’ NGS assays are being developed to identify sequence variants of demonstrated importance, including gene mutations relevant to oncology and viral genotypes, using a variety of sample materials.

Automated data analysis and reporting with Sentosa Reporter turns sophisticated data into concise, clear reports.  Open-channel capability is also available, offering users the opportunity to customize and apply user-defined protocols.