Near-Patient Testing with Great Basin

Fast results with better patient outcomes

Vela’s breakthrough approach to molecular diagnostics for near-patient testing with the Great Basin platform provides fast, cost-effective diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our easy-to-use assays deliver more diagnostic data per sample, meaning healthcare providers are able to treat patients with the right medication sooner, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

The Great Basin Analyzer is capable of low-plex and multi-plex diagnostics for infectious disease. The system is easy-to-use, freeing up valuable resources and reducing turnaround time for clinicians, thereby providing timely appropriate antibiotic therapy for better patient management, and support of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs.

The Great Basin system employs an integrated disposable cartridge that contains all necessary reagents, and an inexpensive bench-top analyzer which executes the assay interprets the results and provides electronic output to the clinician.



Tests and Panels

Easy-to-use, Sample-to-Result Workflow

Simply load the sample on the card, put the card in the analyzer, start the assay, and receive a definitive result in ~90 minutes, that's all.




Tests and Panels

Easy-to-use, Sample-to-Result Workflow

Load the sample on the card, put the card in the analyzer, start the assay, and get a result in ~90 minutes, that's all.


Features and Benefits

Near-patient testing workflow for sample-to-result molecular diagnostics can provide several key advantages over other molecular and non-molecular solutions:

Fully automated, true sample-to-result system with few hands-on steps means samples can be run by any tech on any shift

■  Results in 90 minutes or less, and on-demand testing (no batching!) means faster time to treatment

Low-plex and multiplex testing on the same system means saved bench space


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