Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay

Sequence and genotype Hepatitis C Virus samples


The Sentosa® SQ HCV Genotyping Assay uses next-generation sequencing (NGS)-technology to deliver accurate detection of Hepatitis C Virus genotypes 1-6 and their associated subtypes as well as identification of resistance-associated substitutions (RASs).

Compared with traditional methods for HCV genotyping such as line-probe assays (LiPA), this NGS assay eliminates genotyping errors while simultaneously delivering information about RASs found in the sample

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.  


Target GenesNumber of AmpliconsTarget Genotypes and Subtypes
NS5B 1 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
NS3 1 1a, 1b
NS5A 1 1a, 1b
System Control 1 NA
Total 4  


  • Delivers genotyping & RAS identification accuracy in a single, efficient workflow
  • Reliable, automated solution – full workflow automation combined with built-in controls give you confidence in your results
  • Speeds time to next steps – simultaneously analyze genotyping and RAS-calling with minimal hands-ontime using our automated solution
  • Expert assay design – multiplexed sequencing design targets key regions indicated in AASLD guidelines including genotypes 1 through 6 as well as 70 subtypes enabling discovery of potential new relationships between subtypes and novel therapeutics



Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay Flyer RUO EN



ProductPack SizeItem Number
Sentosa SQ 318 Chip Kit (RUO) 8 runs 300301
Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay Bundle (RUO) 4x16 tests 690019
Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay Reagents (RUO) 4x16 300348
Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay Reagents v2.0 (RUO) 4x16 300393
Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay Solutions (RUO) 4x16 300349
Sentosa SQ HCV Genotyping Assay v2.0 (RUO) 4x16 690043
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Kit Bundle (RUO) 8 runs 690005
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Reagents (RUO) 8 300310
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Solutions (RUO) 8 300314
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Supplies (RUO) 8 300304
Sentosa SQ Virus Genotyping Solutions (RUO) 4x24 300394
Sentosa ST Template Beads (RUO) 8 300320
Sentosa ST Template Kit Bundle (RUO) 8 runs 690007
Sentosa ST Template Reagents (RUO) 8 300317
Sentosa ST Template Solutions (RUO) 8 300323
Sentosa ST Template Supplies (RUO) 8 300326
Sentosa SX Virus Total Nucleic Acid Plus II Kit (RUO) 4x16 300352
Sentosa SQ HCV Positive Control Kit v2.0 (8) (RUO) 8 301056
Sentosa SQ HCV Positive Controls v2.0 (96) (RUO) 96 300757