Sentosa SQ Sequencing Kit



The Sentosa SQ Sequencing Kit is used to perform up to 200 base-read sequencing of enriched, template-positive Ion SphereTM Particles (ISPs) containing clonally-amplified DNA. The procedure is performed on the Sentosa SQ301 which includes the Sentosa SQ301 Sequencer and the Sentosa SQ301 Server. Upon completion, users can review / analyse the run data using the Sentosa SQ Reporter.


  • Simple and natural sequencing chemistry
  • Low-cost standard reagents
  • Sequencing read lengths of 200 base pairs with short run times (6 h max)
  • Supports the Sentosa SQ 318 chips, Ion 314™, 316™, and 318™ chips
  • Supports multiplexed samples


ProductPack SizeItem Number
Sentosa SQ 318 Chip Kit (RUO) 8 runs 300301
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Kit Bundle (RUO) 8 runs 690005
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Kit Bundle (US-IVD) 8 runs 690194
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Reagents (RUO) 300310
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Reagents (US-IVD) 300313
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Solutions (RUO) 300314
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Solutions (US-IVD) 300316
Sentosa SQ Sequencing Supplies (RUO) 300304
Sentosa SQ301 (120 VAC) 1 690026
Sentosa ST Template Beads (RUO) 300320
Sentosa ST Template Kit Bundle (RUO) 8 runs 690007
Sentosa ST Template Reagents (RUO) 300317
Sentosa ST Template Solutions (RUO) 300323
Sentosa ST Template Supplies (RUO) 300326
Sentosa ST401 1 690027