Sentosa SQ Reporter

Automated NGS data analysis and sample reporting


Sentosa SQ Reporter retrieves Sentosa SQ301 run data and automatically performs result analysis. Sentosa SQ Reporter reduces turn-around time time and cost by automating analysis and minimizes the need for bioinformatics expertise. 


  • Supports a wide range of assays such as Melanoma, HCV Genotyping, Ion Ampliseq Cancer Hot Spot (Life Technologies), thereby minimizing the need for different solutions for different assays
  • Secondary analysis in as little as four hours on 318 chip ensures a fast turn-around time
  • High level quality management:
    • Supplies easy-to-interpret QC and reports for each sample.  The QC report contains statistics such as throughput, coverage and chip loading.  The report contains a summary of the results together with assay and sequencing information.
    • E-signature approval system tracks record approval by techicians and lab directors and supports up to five levels of usrs.  All signtificant events aree logged with timestamp, user account information and IP address. 


ProductPack SizeItem Number
Sentosa SQ Reporter (Software, Server and Perpetual License) (IVD) 1 690016
Sentosa SQ301 (120 VAC) 1 690026
Sentosa ST401 1 690027
Sentosa SX101 1 400089