Sentosa SA RT-PCR Kit

Reverse transcription, real-time PCR amplification and detection


The Sentosa SA RT-PCR Kit allows the user to perform reverse transcription followed by real-time PCR amplification and detection in a single step, one tube reaction. The kit contains all reagents for PCR except user-prepared primers, probe and template. 

Target detection by TaqMan® real-time PCR is based on the amplification of specific regions of a RNA target. The amplified product is then detected in real-time via fluorescent dyes linked to probes that bind specifically to its target sequences.

The PCR mix does not contain ROX thus making it possible to combine primers and differently labeled fluorescent probes for up to 4-plex tests.

Contains extraction control


ProductPack SizeItem Number
Sentosa SA RT-PCR Kit (RUO) 8x24 300045
Sentosa SX101 1 400089
Rotor-Gene® Q MDx 1 400046