Sentosa® ISP Flex

Flexibly reduce reagent cost and minimize waste through automation



Vela’s Sentosa® FLEX is a Software Solution from Vela Diagnostics which enables a new economical approach for  PCR workflows. With FLEX, one can be more efficient in carrying routine testing, as well as detecting and monitoring co-infection. FLEX provides multiple choices of assay to sample assignment, while also removing the need for batching. Ultimately FLEX users are able to reduce waste, re-use reagents, avoid batches, while achieving automation and sample traceability.



Combine up to four assays from the assays selection menu in one run and from one sample, which is the core value of  Sentosa®SX FLEX Assistant. In addition, the assistant drastically simplifies laboratory workflow process: from launch to LIS synchronization; from sample to report.



  • Automated multi-assay software assistant for workflow optimization and waste reduction  
  • Combines up to four assays from an assay selection menu in one run, from one sample 
  • Enables you to minimize waste & re-use reagents
  • Fast turn-around time and minimal hands-on time
  • Reduces human error
  • Broad linear range and low limit of detection
  • Aids clinical research efforts
  • Reporting in International Units 
  • Delivers automated results interpretation and reporting




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