Sentosa SX cfDNA Kit

Magnetic beads-based cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction from plasma samples


The Sentosa SX cfDNA Kit employs magnetic beads-based technology to extract cfDNA from plasma samples. The extraction procedure comprises of four main steps as follows: 1) off-board plasma clearing and protein precipitation, 2) binding 3) washing, and 4) elution. At the binding step, cfDNA binds to magnetic beads under appropriate buffer conditions. The impurities are removed by washing with wash buffer. The cfDNA is then eluted using elution buffer. The extraction procedure is automated on the Sentosa SX101 instrument and the protocol supports eight tests per run.


The Sentosa SX cell-free deoxyribonucleic acids (cfDNA) Kit is used to extract free-circulating DNA from plasma samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Selective and high recovery efficiency of cfDNA of fragment size around 170bp.

Automated extraction on Sentosa SX101 instrument with less than 20 minutes hands-on time.

Minimal sample input volume of 4 mL plasma.

Validated for K2 EDTA, K3 EDTA and STRECK collection tubes.


ProductPack SizeItem Number
Sentosa SX101 1 400089
Sentosa SX cfDNA Kit 4x8 300616