Vela Diagnostics Receives CE-IVD for HBV Quantitative PCR Test

Vela Diagnostics Sentosa® HBV Quantitative assay receives CE-IVD approval and aims to drive cost efficiency and wastage reduction on Vela’s automated Sentosa® workflow

Singapore (April 06, 2017) – Vela Diagnostics announced today that the Sentosa® SA HBV Quantitative PCR Test is now CE-IVD marked for in-vitro diagnostic use. The Sentosa®  SA HBV Quantitative PCR Test is intended for quantitation of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA in human plasma (EDTA) or serum. The Sentosa® HBV test detects HBV genotypes A –J with a dynamic range between 12IU/ml – 3.75x107 IU/ml. The test runs on Vela’s automated Sentosa® workflow and complements the current portfolio of 30 Infectious Disease and Oncology tests. 

Vela’s Sentosa® workflow is designed to drive cost efficient automation into medium throughput laboratories, by consolidation of tests, wastage reduction as well as its IT connectivity and automated reporting of results.

To learn more about the Sentosa®  SA PCR system as well as Vela’s products in the Sentosa®  SQ product range including Next Generation Sequencing for HIV Resistance Testing and HCV Genotyping including RAV detection, please visit us on




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