Vela Diagnostics and DYN Announce IVD Launch in Israel

Companies announce IVD registration of 3 NGS and 18 PCR products on a proprietary and integrated Sample-to-Answer Vela Diagnostics Workflow

Singapore, November 7, 2018 – Vela Diagnostics and its Israeli Business Partner - DYN Diagnostics Ltd. announced today the IVD approval for 3 NGS and 18 PCR products on the Vela integrated Sample-to-Answer Sentosa® Workflow. The IVD registrations signify an opening of the Middle Eastern diagnostic market for the NGS and PCR products manufactured by Vela. Both companies plan to obtain additional approval extensions going forward.

The advanced Israeli healthcare market is characterized by customers seeking comprehensive solutions addressing multiple aspects such as: equipment, engineering, design, computerization, logistics and quality. “We are pleased that our PCR and NGS workflow meets the needs of experienced customers in a developed diagnostics environment” said Michael Tillmann, CEO of Vela Diagnostics. “We are thankful to the Vela and DYN teams efforts in bringing Vela products to the hospitals and laboratories in Israel.”

About Vela Diagnostics

Vela Diagnostics is the only provider of an automated IVD Next–Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflow in the diagnostics market globally. Vela’s Real-Time PCR and NGS applications are available on one integrated Sentosa® platform; this provides a unique ability for the customers to leverage one system for two workflows, while carrying out test for various targets in order to answer current clinical and research questions, as well as drive laboratory operations efficiency.

About DYN Diagnostics

DYN Diagnostics ( is one of the leading importers in Israel in the field of laboratory systems. DYN offers its customers complete packages including service, application support, logistics with temperature-controlled distribution system, operation services and more. The company's operations span several fields, in which DYN Diagnostics provides professional service to its wide and diverse clientele, which ranges from hospitals and clinics to private end-customers.

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