Vela Diagnostics Acquires Lifecode Inc’s Data Interpretation Assets

By Vela Diagnostics


Genomeweb/ Singapore (May 25, 2016) – Vela Diagnostics announced today that it has acquired the data interpretation division of Lifecode Inc., a Foster City, California-based cancer molecular company.

The acquisition of Lifecode Inc’s data interpretation service provides Vela Diagnostics access to Lifecode’s data integration framework, interpretation and report generation pipelines which is Vela Diagnostics’ initial entry into the genomics result interpretation market and this is complimentary with Vela’s existing PCR and NGS Oncology workflow.

“This acquisition puts Vela Diagnostics at the forefront in providing genomics interpretation and reporting,” said Vela Diagnostics CEO Michael Tillmann. “The data interpretation products and services from Lifecode will be connected to Vela Diagnostics’ Next-Generation Sequencing Sentosa® SQ Reporter Software. This will allow for information on approved drugs, clinical trials and publications along with somatic mutation and drug-able targets for oncology based on the latest knowledge.”

The data interpretation division from Lifecode Inc is planned to be fully integrated into Vela Genomics Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Vela Diagnostics Holdings, which provides genomics services.  Once the integration is complete, customers will be able to send in their variant call files (VCF) and get the most recent information on the approved drugs and clinical trials. The software can also track the history to effortlessly identify changes in reporting over time.

The genomics interpretation and reporting service is planned for launch in Quarter 3 2016.  Vela Genomics is currently offering an early access program. To learn more and to enroll in the early access program, please visit Vela-Genomics or contact


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