• Fast, accurate genotyping & drug resistance mutation detection in a single, automated workflow with minimal hands-on-time
  • Sensitive detection able to detect genotype & DRMs in samples with viral load less than 1,000 copies/mL
  • Reliable, automated solution- workflow automation from sample to result with built-in controls give you confidence in your results
  • Expert assay design- multiplexed sequencing design targets key regions of Protease, Reverse Transcriptase, and Integrase genes to cover key regions
  • Automated reporting including interpretation from the Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database delivers comprehensive variant information

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Sentosa SQ HIV Genotyping & DRM (2.4 MiB)

Sensitive and Accurate HIV Genotyping and DRM analysis

The Sentosa® SQ HIV Genotyping Assay uses next-generation sequencing technology to deliver accuracy in the detection of the HIV-1 genotype as well as drug resistance mutations (DRMs).  This includes Group M subtypes A through K as well as DRMs included in the Integrase, Protease & Reverse Transcriptase genes.  Compared with traditional methods for HIV genotyping such Sanger sequencing (ie: Siemens Trugene HIV-1 Genotyping Kit), this next-generation sequencing-based assay delivers results in days rather than weeks, while identifying drug resistance mutations with greater sensitivity.

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Speeds Time to Next Steps

By integrating genotyping and DRM identification into a single automated workflow, the need to run multiple assays is eliminated with significant improvement in turn-around-time

  • Streamlined Workflow: 2 hours of hands-on-time
  • Quick Results: Results in just 2 days
  • Confidence in results: Workflow integrates Laboratory Information System (LIS) connectivity and controls 

Expert Sequence Design

Unlike traditional assays for HIV, this multiplexed sequencing design targets targets the Protease, Reverse Transcriptase and the Integrase genes to deliver full sequence & DRM analysis

  • Simultaneously identifies clinically relevant DRMs
  • Includes Integrase targets which have proved important in identifying mutations effecting strand transfer inhibitors 

Sentosa® SQ HIV Genotyping Assay Specifications

Analytical sensitivity 1,000 copies/mL, HIV-1 Group M (subtypes A to K)
Analytical specificity No cross-reaction with HTLV-1, HHV6, HAV,HCV, HBV, HIV, CMV, EBV, BKV, ZIKV, or human genomic DNA
Analytical Reactivity Able to detect subtype AG, B, C, D, AE, F, G, CRF02, CRF03, A and recombinant A
Detection accuracy 99.06%
Reproducibility 100%
Cross-reactivity No cross-reactivity with microorganisms (106 IU or copies/mL) found in the same matrix
Cross-over contamination No carryover contamination observed at 107 copies/mL
Controls System & extraction controls included[1]
Amplicons & targets 2 amplicons: 1) Targets Protease & Reverse Transcriptase, 2) Integrase
Target Mutations 275 amino acid variants + 1 insert
Sample types supported Plasma (EDTA / CPD / ACD)
Sample input required 730 uL
Sample throughput 15 samples/run, 60 samples/week
Time to results  
Hands on time 3.5 hours
Sequence Data Analysis Fully automated, FASTA file export option, Stanford University HIV database

[1] Chan et al. 2016: JALM 01, 25-35

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.